Metals of Earth

There are many who can be confused with the term rare metals. It is because of the term that describes it. Rare metals can be understood as literal but it is not in reality. It said to be rare even if it is scattered around the world because it is not easy for them to be mined. As they are scattered in different places and their amount in one place is not concentrated so they are not easy to be collected. But there are places that they could be mined and they could be counted so one country can dominate its production.

There is a periodic table for the elements that belonged to the classification of rare earth. It is composed of seventeen in numbers and they are all chemical elements. The composition is grouped in three as the yttrium and scandium. But the last one is sometimes not included by others as part of the rare earth metals. The third one is the elements that are grouped as the lanthanide elements.  The group contains neodymium, erbium, and europium.

Still belonging to the third classification are praseodymium,  samarium,  terbium, dysprosium, holmium, thulium, ytterbium, lutetium,  promethium, cerium, gadolinium, and lanthanum. These are the ones belonging to the lanthanide elements. They can be used in the industrial economy and so they are needed. All of the rare metals have their own significance and they are being used in the advanced gadgets and appliances that are being used in this present and since before.