Amazing Facts about Precious Stones

Here are the amazing facts about precious stones.

Only 20 of the world sold gems are genuine and that there is no more genuine than most millions. Gems are hardly found.  In fact,  they are just one in a million.  For example, turquoise which one of the rarest on this earth is not found anywhere. The amount is too much that only rich can afford to buy.

Pearl is one of the most common mined in the world. Aside from gold mining, pearl mining is also famous.

Diamonds are called tears of the gods. Greek mythology and Roman mythology introduced this belief to other people. However,  people now believe the fact that diamonds are not tears of the gods.

Cutting diamond is too hard. It is the same as cutting an iron. No people can cut this easily.

Lapiz stone is one of the most useful gemstone in the world of arts. This was used as part of painting by famous painters such as Michaelangelo. You can travel to look for this best stone. Just conduct your visa in the service of this company 泰雅旅遊. Paintings must cost expensive if lapiz is used.

Some part of ruby is color red. The color red is a symbol of love in gift givings and so forth and so on. When people say gems,  they think of it as a special present to a very special someone.

Diamond is the most expensive gem on earth. This is why the Pink Diamond is the most expensive gem that has been sold.

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