Most Dangerous Minerals in the World

Here are the most dangerous minerals on earth despite the fact that minerals have their benefits to everyone.

Crocidolite is one of the most hazardous mineral on earth because it can cause cancer and internal organ diseases. Most of case, when it gets contact with eyes,  it can cause the eye to blur at once. Most people could not imagine that even minerals can kill people.

Hydroxyappatite phosphorous is very dangerous when mixed with other substance that we touch. Not really dangerous when being careful.


It should not be scattered or smashed into pieces because it contains silicon dioxide that can strike anyone to lung cancer so that people could not work properly.


The radioactive Uranium in Feldspar are hazardous to the health once absorbed by our body.


Why is it that erionite is a dangerous mineral? Zeolites and carcinogenic minerals are in this mineral, that can also drive people to death.  This mineral is mostly found in volcanoes and this is not really purposed to take out because of the effect it gives to people. Also this agency get to help you apply for your visa. It is very helpful, click this site 台胞證申請 台北. Best agency ever.


This is a mineral containing deadly mineral.  It can result to bone cancer or bone disease so many people could not be proud of holding it.

These minerals have their own uses but they are also dangerous at the same time. Look over these great minerals when you travel here. Check first your visa card in here 卡式台胞證申請 to freely travel. More fun and exciting adventures can be delivered to you.