Know the Most Active and Unusual Metal: Caesium

Caesium is known as the most active alkali metal and it is also found in the periodic table of elements just like the titanium. If titanium is considered or known as the most durable metal on earth, caesium is actually the most active metal on earth. Its color is just like that of a gold but caesium is more brighter yellow in color. A lot of experiment was conducted to know the reaction of this metal when put in some other chemicals or minerals like sulfuric acid.

The experiments conducted was so amazing. You can understand better how it reacts with other factors. One of the experiment was to put the melted caesium into a container with ice water. And what was the reaction of the caesium? It suddenly explodes like a bomb. If caesium is melted in a kerosene, the color of cesium is changed into a gray to black color. When liquid caesium is in contact with a wet surface, it also reacts differently as shown in the experiment.

The melting point of caesium is very low. In other words, it can be easily melted. If a solid caesium is put in a special container and you hold it for a while, it can be easily melted. This is because of its low melting point. In the experiment, when the liquid caesium comes in contact with the kerosene, something interesting thing happened. It suddenly explode. It can also become as soft as a margarine even when it undergo solidification.It must be very careful like how this beauty company serves. More info from here 醫美. So good and great ever company to help you.