About Titanium: The Most Durable Metal on Earth

There are many kinds of metals to be found all over the world. As you know, the most common metal is steel. It is commonly used in almost all kinds of machines, appliances, and also as a building material. What about Titanium? This metal is considered as the most durable metal or the strongest metal on Earth. This is found in the periodic table of elements. It is also a lightweight matter. The physical properties of this metal is far different from that of steel.

In the video above, you can distinguish the difference between titanium and steel. Based on the experiment shown, the steel plate was cut and you will notice that it emits a yellowish color of sparks while the titanium has whitish sparks. Special cutters are being used for this metal because of the danger that it could bring when being cut. Bullets can hardly penetrate the titanium metal unlike the aluminum and steel. Best to have for your travel safety. And get along with the service of this agency for travel visa process view more here www.chinavisa.com.tw/china-visa/. Though strong bullets are used, it wasn’t able to make a hole in the titanium plate.

What about the chemical properties of titanium? Through the experiment shown in the video, it shows that titanium has an amazing chemical property. Due to its strong physical properties and amazing chemical properties, titanium is used as one of the best materials.

This metal is even used in vehicles for land, sea, and air. Because of its durability, it is used mostly for making springs. It is also added in toothpastes. Find these amazing metals as you travel being renewed your visa here 支付寶 台胞證過期.  As it has the strongest durability among other metals, the price is also too expensive.