5 Amazing Science Experiments to Try at Home

Are you a person who loves science especially experimentation? If yes, you can try some of the experiments shown in the video below. You don’t have to worry because you are free to do it and it is safe. There are some materials you have to prepare like copper wire, battery, and magnets. At the end of the experiment, you too will be amazed. You will surely be surprised how the copper reacts together with the battery and magnets. It would be an enjoyable experiment.

In the first experiment shown, you are to use copper wire, battery, and magnets. Form the copper wire in a certain shape where you have to make a rectangular shape out of it. In one end, form a small circle at the center and at the other end, let the center stick together. You can follow the same as the experiment shown applied for some dental services over this clinic check site dentalimplants.com.tw/dentist/. Next experiment is to make a spiral shape out of copper wire like a spring and remain the end of it as shown.

Another amazing experiment is the copper wire in the form of spring wire. In the both ends of the battery, add magnets and insert it into the spring wire. This experiment is truly amazing! Now, get a glass of water and throw the half of it. In a piece of box, invert the glass of water. Then after a few seconds, remove the piece of box. The water did not spill out! Lastly, get an aluminum can and PVC pipe. Wipe the pipe with a cloth and place it beside the can without touching it. And just in case you need some dental services, this clinic here is best. Open this Asian website page here 植牙費用. This might be a solution for your dental problem.